Tuesday, February 24, 2009

summer style

My little self is wearing: vintage shorts, valleygirl silk top, wildfire heels, barkins purse and zac triby hat




Hearing on the radio that this week is officially the last week of Australian summer, my intial reaction was horror, as i always feel when hearing summer is nearly over. But after mulling the news over i found myself thinking the opposite and sitting in my car smiling to myself like an idiot. Because as much as i love the beach, warm nights out and all the other perks of summer i do terribly miss the things that just cant be worn. I am definatly looking foward to getting back into tights, scarves, blazers, boots, long coats, stocking and gloves.
Oh and hot chocolate of course.
So with all the winter goodies looming i thought i would make use of this last 'summer week' by wearing a summery outfit, complete with a straw fedora.


  1. Wow you look adorable. I love your highwaisted shorts. You'be got great legs.

    I'm linking you to my blog. It would be cool if you could do the same!!

  2. you are soo beautiful...yoe should post more pictures of your-self