Saturday, June 20, 2009

closet fillers

OK so being on university holidays isn't so good for my shopping addiction I have found. Yesterday I was bored so I went for a stroll around the mall. I ended up embarking on a mini shopping binge. I got...

Studded cuff- Diva. Black pendant and black bead necklaces- Tempt. Silver necklace and bracelet- vintage.

Silk dress- Lily (This dress is so much better in real life, I can totally imagine Ashley Olsen wearing a floor length version to a red carpet event)

Suede ankle boots- Barkins

Lace detailed basic black dress- Barkins

White coat- Valleygirl (This coat looks slightly lab coat-esque because of it's bright white colour but I just loved the adorable short bell sleeves and buttons. And it's made of the thinnest fabric ever and would offer no warmth whatsoever, but hey, it's cute)

Cardigan- Cotton On. (I still don't know why i bought this, I think cause it reminded me of something Ralph Lauren would make intended for some kind of sailing or polo excursion... It just attracted me)


  1. wow! you got so much amazing stuff, i'm certainly jealous! i can't decide which is my favourite.. probably the dress..

  2. that dress and the trench are incredible

    thnaks for the c omments

  3. i love how you post on affordable clothing, that looks amazing and I can get in shops in NZ! Thanks.

  4. Someone did some serious shopping! :-)...I never take my wallet whenever I go to the mall because I spend immese amount of money on things I don't need. So I spurlge online instead..haha. I love those studded cuffs and the silk dress...I want to see it on you! xxoxoxox

  5. Yay I got that cotton on cardigan too but in the grey and black :) so comfy x Sushi

  6. Felt in love with your cardi!!!!