Thursday, June 18, 2009

matchy matchy

Okay so I'm reading Famous, a weekly Australian celebrity gossip magazine (you know the type), when i saw two photos of Paris Hilton, in two separate sections of the magazine, where she was dressed in entirely in one colour. The magazine then went on to state that she is a style icon and a very fashion forward 'celebutante'.

Don't get me wrong, this is only a personal opinion, but i believe Paris puts together boring and safe outfits and cares more about if everything matches and is the perfect colour than a sense of style. I do not believe that just because someone is famous and in the spotlight and happens to be photographed in many outfits that they are fashion forward or a style icon. I know alot of people (including lil old me) that, they given access to that kind of wealth and style resources, could do wonderful things with fashion.

Most of us would wear fushia platforms or a cobalt blue clutch to give some 'pop' to an outfit not drape our whole bodies in that colour. Not to impune Paris' style but I am definitely not a fan of the matchy matchy bland outfits she is so often seen in. And I am not putting her down in any way I just do not personally believe she is a style icon.
I don't want this to be
misinterpreted, this is just my opinion. So give me yours and let me know what you think on the issue...


  1. i absolutely agree, she is too plain for me.

  2. everyone has their own opinion and i TOTALLY agree with you. i'm not a fan of "matchy matchy" either. paris is just too boring.

  3. there is very little about Paris that i like, especially her taste in clothing. i think her style is kind of cheap looking for someone who can afford the best.

  4. i love paris,
    but as far as fashion goes,
    i definately agree with you.
    but i will give her credit lately, she has been taking more chances.

  5. she s just... oh we should stop talking about her, maybe then shes forgotten....

    So here’s to you Paris Hilton
    Could you hear me when I say
    You’ve got everything you want
    So could you please just go away
    Here’s to you Paris Hilton
    Could I say what’s on our mind
    Go away go away Paris Hilton leave "the whole wide world" behind