Wednesday, June 24, 2009

black lace & soggy grass

Op Shop
, Vogue Australia, Hot Chocolate, Matching Scarves, Black Lace, Ellen, Nachos, Vintage Rosary Beads and Travel Craving. That was what today was about. In actual fact I did a whole lot of nothing and a little bit of somethings. I have tuesday and wednesday off from everything this week. Like a little island of freedom in a sea of weekdays.

Usually at the start of winter I try to ignore the fact that the coldness is creeping up, and dress like I do in summer only adding a jacket, stockings or a scarf etc (which is probably why I have the sniffles big time today) so when the rain stopped, the sun came out and the mercury rose enough for me to banish the prospect of winter from my mind for a day I was rather happy (even though the sun was shining it didn't help the rain-soaked grass into which my heels were squishing- see image 2).

I wore my favourite tsubi shorts, vintage givenchy blouse, vintage chanel bag, vintage silver crucifix , sportsgirl studded enamel and pandora bracelets and new steve madden platform slingbacks. Very similar cheaper ones can be found here.

And I am very excited about this Kayser lace bustier corset i bought today. I got it from a store probably equivalent to America's Wal Mart, so it didn't exactly break the bank, but i am very excited to play around with it. I also found some amazing vintage rosary beads and a lace tee with shoulder pads.


  1. ooh what a sexy beautiful bustier!! I want to see how you're going to style it :)

  2. I adore your outfit! Very cute and classy! That bustier top is beautiful! I can't wait to see you wear it! xxoxoxox

  3. You look gorgeous, love your outfit, it's so fresh! Wow and that bustier is great!

  4. Wow your shoes are gorgeous! Love this blog, def will have to follow x

  5. nice corsage, when i look at it i think of madonna and her like a virgin period.... lots od perls, tulle and lace